HortiFor Advisory Services
in tropical forestry and food crops

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Professional experiences with trees and food crops 1972-2013

Trees, Nature and Food for People  

Over the years, I performed in various functions ranging from researcher and advisor to project manager. My experience ranges from seed, seedling to adult trees in forest restoration, plantation establishment and in tree improvement research, specifically for high quality tree production, often in combination with food crops and with people of different disciplines and nationalities.

Advising your company or organization in my fields will enable you to utilize my extensive experience and will contribute to achieve your goals and my mission.

The schematic below shows my five core activities

Teak nursery Ghana
Hardening off teak plants in polybags, shade nets are removed  - Teak nursery Ghana 2009

Professional experiences as researcher, manager and consultant 1972-2013

My other experiences are:

  • Project management, financial administration
  • Extension, training, professional education, certification
  • Participation conferences, presentations, publications
  • Market exploration
  • Rural development

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